20 Jan 2014

وظائف مهندسين ادارة وظائف شركه البترول المصريه الصينيه لتصنيع اجهزه الحفر(1)( Sales & Marketing Manager)

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Job description form


Job: Sales & Marketing Manager

Department : Sales & Marketing


The position reports to the CEO/MD/General Manager. The purpose of the role is to plan and implement sales and marketing activities in order to meet company targets for retention growth and profitability, and to contribute





The  Sales & Marketing Manager is delegated the full authority required to fulfill the responsibilities & duets listed as per under this job description.

Approval & signature levels are in accordance with the company delegation of authority chart.



General responsibilities :


·                    Plan and implement marketing strategy, including advertising and PR.

·                    Plan and implement sales and customer retention and development.

·                    Plan and manage sales &  marketing resources according to agreed budgets.

·                     Order and processes all customer Requests & prepare the required quotations .

·                    Contribute to formulation of policy and strategy as a board member.

·                    Recruit, manage, train and motivate direct reporting staff according to company procedures, policy and employment law.

·                    Manage relevant reporting of management and financial information for the sales and marketing departments.

·                    Select and manage external agencies.

·                    Managing the company  business development.

·                    Maintain and develop company image and reputation .

Job: Sales & Marketing Manager




·                     Order and processes all customer Requests for Quotations (RFQs)/orders.  All RFQs/orders are stamped with the date received

·                    Receiving, Marking, Storage, and Handling

·                       Orders for catalog products/services are reviewed and processed without further involvement from supporting departments/functions. RFQs for customized products/services are also reviewed by technical manager and other participation functions for technical and quality requirement using form F-7.2-01   before a quotation form No. F-7.2-02 is made to the customer.

·                Review of RFQs/orders for products/services consists of a verification that the customer requirements, including requirements not stated by the customer, are adequately defined and documented and have been fully understood. If the RFQ/order requires clarification, it will not be accepted until the missing information is obtained from the customer.  Consideration is given as to whether our capability and capacity are adequate to satisfy the customer requirement.

·                     Sales manager will make the draft contract and organize internal contract review involving both technical and commercial review. Based on the market and customer information previously obtained, sales manager will negotiate with customer based on the draft contract. The signed contract will be released to related departments for transaction

·                    Prepare & Amendment the  orders  Contracts with both technical and commercial review

·                    Tenders/ Analysis

·                    Conduct annual customer satisfaction surveys.

·                    Present  summaries of customer complaints and customer satisfaction, including analysis of trends for particular categories.

·      inform factory, procurement department the exact delivery time for their preparation on technical inspection and related procedures accomplishment. After receiving the technical report from procurement department and factory, sales representative will formally inform customer for cargo handover and contact procurement department for custom clearance.











·         more than 5  years experience  .




·         Excellent English Langauge.

·         Leader Ship

·         Creative

·         Motivation

·         High Communication skills

·         Highly Problem Solving. 



Non commitment of any item in the Job description could lead to punishment, With the exception of violations and sanctions contained in the list of labor law .


The job description has been received and is understood


  Date:                                                                            Signature of employee

Prepared by


Admin & HR Manager


Roaa Saeed




(HR-F-6.2.1/4.4.1 -02)




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